Take Imaginations Over the Moon with the Gujo Adventure Mission Mars

Source: Luki Lab/the Toy Insider

Luki Lab is ready to launch its latest STEM building set into the atmosphere of playtime. Designed for kids ages 7 and up, the Gujo Adventure Mission Mars construction set is an easy-to-assemble rocket playset that offers endless possibilities of creative freedom.

Kids can construct a 2.5-foot rocket sturdy enough to pick up and play with. The ship is held together by plastic frames that snap into each other. This allows for a firm and practical building process using pieces such as long pillars and chairs that snap into the bottom of the ship through little, T-shaped clips.The rocket gets its look from thick, glossy, waterproof panels that have double-sided images on them to depict the exterior of the ship on one side and interior on the other.

Construction of the ship takes around 2-3 hours. The pieces are sorted into bags according to their shape. I recommend opening each bag and laying it out separately or putting them in containers to keep them apart so that they don’t get mixed up throughout the building experience.

Kids slide the paper into the plastic and bend the tabs into slots on the bases of each level to secure them. The rocket is shaped like an octangular cylinder, featuring four levels. The shape leads to a repetition in the building process that will give kids more confidence as they assemble the rocket. The wings and the centerpieces of each floor seemed to create a little trouble on my build due to a few rogue pieces not wanting to stay in place and popping out of the slots.

Gujo Mission to Mars Rocket | Source: Luki Lab

The rooms inside the rocket include a command module with seats and computers, a living quarter with storage units for the included astronaut figure’s helmets and backpacks, an engine room with a command table, and a flight deck with a spherical top window to look out into space. The ship is built with support beams and stable bottom frames that allow kids to pick it up vertically or horizontally to mimic a spaceship in flight.

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Most of the fun comes from building the rocket, but after kids are finished, they can get creative with their new playset. Each set comes with a sheet of stickers that kids can use to decorate the rocket. The set also includes two brightly colored astronaut figures, named Gujo and Shelly, with detailed helmets, bags, and hairpieces. They each have four interchangeable heads that show different facial expressions. There is a cardboard punch-out sheet full of items, such as crystals and drills, that kids can place in the astronauts’ hands and an opening in the rocket through which kids can place the astronaut figures inside the ship. There is also enough space to move them throughout the access doors for a smooth transition from floor to floor. Kids can also place the figures in seats that clip onto the rocket’s walls, then pick up the ship and fly it to Mars (or just around their living room).

Kids can build a creative space for play while learning the basics of construction with the Gujo Adventure Mission to Mars playset. The building process gives kids a calming environment to work in, which will lead to a confident sense of accomplishment once they are playing with the finished product. There is also a compatible Mars Space Base Set available separately if kids want to expand on their rocket.

Kids are going to be floored when they see how much imagination they have unlocked with this massive rocket created with their own hands and minds.

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