Submission as a self-defense tactic

Bondage is more common in women as a self-defense tactic in relationships. A woman in a relationship with a man literally renounces herself, her desires, needs, everything in favor of the man. She intuitively guesses all the desires of a man, all his whims. She does this in order not to face conflicts, quarrels. After all, if her man is happy, then there will be nothing to quarrel about. Many men dream of a submissive woman, but in reality, bondage is harmful.

Many will have a question, what is harmful in it. An “ideal” woman does everything for a man, how can this harm? In submission, a woman loses herself. In this tactic, a woman betrays herself, she denies herself, she disdains herself. Usually, outwardly, the relationship between a man and a woman looks like wonderful, filled with mutual understanding. But inside these relations, in fact, not everything is smooth.

Usually, in such cases, a man can be satisfied that a woman gives him everything that is possible, but he sees that she herself is unhappy. From the fact that the woman is unhappy, he is also unhappy. A woman in such cases can say that everything is fine in a relationship, her husband loves her very much, that all problems in a relationship lie in her. That all the problems in their relationship are due to the fact that she constantly feels depressed. However, she cannot understand why she feels this depression.

A woman who resorts to such self-defense tactics in a relationship becomes the object of reproaches from a partner, she takes full responsibility for what is negative in the relationship. She takes full responsibility for upsetting the man with whom she is in a relationship.These women are prone to depression, and they are extremely vulnerable to any neglect. Such vulnerability to neglect is explained by the fact that they themselves are extremely dismissive of themselves, so even a slight neglect of her by a partner becomes unbearably painful. Will someone in a relationship feel happy around someone who is unhappy