Momentdrug smugglers are saved from sinking Narco sub

Dramatic footage shows how drug smugglers aboard a narco submarine headed for Spain’s southern coast were rescued on Wednesday from the sinking vessel before getting arrested in the middle of the Atlantic. 

In a video released by the Spanish civil guard and the Spain’s Tax Agency, four men, who are Colombian nationals, can be seen in life vests standing on top of a sinking submersible as a customs surveillance ship approaches the vessel. 

Another clip shows the sub’s crew floating in the sea as waves crash against them, alongside black barrels – which the crew appear to have held on to to stay afloat. 

The men can then be seen climbing up a ladder onto the ship, before another video shows them getting arrested once they get onboard. The drug smugglers are then seen lying face down while they are handcuffed civil guards.  

The blue vessel had been navigating the waters 280 miles west of the coast of Cadiz when its crew spotted a surveillance ship. 

A Narco submarine carrying a shipment of cocaine was intercepted off the oast of Cadiz, Spain yesterday 

The crew of four men, who are from Colombia, were rescued from the sinking submersible after they purposefully made the vessel sink in order to get rid of their illicit cargo

According to the Tax Agency, the men came to the surface and opened the submarine’s valves, allowing the vessel to fill with water and sink to the bottom of the sea, along with its precious cargo. 

Police believe the vessel was carrying a large shipment of cocaine given its similarity to previously-seized narco submarines. 

The operation, which was jointly carried out by the Spanish civil guard, the national police and the Tax Agency, started on Monday when authorities received a tip from the US’s Drug Enforcement Agency. 

The DEA had reportedly detected a potential drop off between an unknown vessel and a semi-submersible. 

The  20-meter blue submarine was eventually spotted off the coast of Cadiz, which authorities successfully intercepted. 

The men were filmed floating in the water, keeping themselves afloat with black empty barrels

The drug traffickers were eventually arrested by the same authorities that helped them out of the waters

It so happens that the customs surveillance ship was already loaded with 900 kilograms of seized cocaine following an operation just a few days prior. 

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Raiders of the lost narc: Police board abandoned narco submarine ‘ghost ship’ found off Spain – a day after drug criminals’ underwater vessel with corpses on board was discovered off Colombia 

The surveillance ship on Saturday had spotted a speedboat carrying a shipment of cocaine near the Canary Islands after having had received a tip from the British National Crime Agency and the DEA. 

9000 kg of cocaine were dumped into the ocean by the seafaring criminals as the civil guard attempted to catch the drug mules during what was reported to have been a six-hour-long chase, according to Canarias7. 

While the speedboat managed to escape and reach the island of La Palma, authorities discovered the abandoned boat on Tazacorte beach on the island the following day. Police said the boat corresponded with the one chased the day prior.