class=article-title data-tb-title id=articleTitle>Toronto-area convenience store accused of selling candy look-alike weed edibles to children

Cash further explained that the rainy season, which runs approximately from May to November, must have contributed to the seeds’ successful germination, saying the moisture caused them to “catch and grow fast.” Article content
When police questioned Cash about the plants, he claimed that they sprouted from seeds he discarded outdoors while rolling and smoking cannabis.

The company recently made a foray into the Canadian market, announcing a partnership with Canadian cannabis company Klonetics Plant Science at the end of May. Article content
Established in 2008, Gage Green Group is well-known for breeding a variety of prominent cultivars, including Grape Stomper, Mendo Breath, Mango Puff, and High School Sweetheart.

South African business exec and entrepreneur Matt Benas has ponied up R224,000 (about C$19,875) for two packs of weed seeds in what is being called the “world’s first NFT authenticated cannabis strain” transaction.

The entrepreneur paid 5.5 Ethereum (ETH, a cryptocurrency) and 1.82 ETH, respectively, for each cultivar. Article content
Benas outbid a number of interested parties to score a total of 20 seeds (from two different cultivars) from U.S. breeder Gage Green Group (GGG), along with as associated original artworks by GGG founder Jeff Selsor, in an NFT (non-fungible token) auction at the end of last month.

The occasion marks the first time that GGG has released seeds for a single, exclusive owner. Article content
The cultivars, called ‘Rise’ and ‘Burn,’ will never be reproduced by GGG.

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A tweet from the York Regional Police (YRP) notes that the report alleges the store — in Markham, Ont., just north of Toronto — was selling cannabis products, including cannabis edibles that look like candy, to underage teens.

The plants varied in size, ranging from three to 12 inches tall. Article content
Craig Cash, 32, was arrested on July 3 after authorities served him with a search warrant and discovered nine plants on the property surrounding his Golden Gates home, The Tribune reports. Seven of the plants were sprouting from a flower pot, and an additional two plants were discovered during a more thorough examination of the property.

18, and the discovery of “a large quantity of cannabis edibles, disposable cannabis vape pens and cannabis seeds” that had a street value of about $10,000. The police investigation resulted in officers executing a search warrant at Angus Glen Convenience on Feb.

“You’re only going to get a once-off, one in the world.” “I really want South Africa to have something unique and special throughout the world… and now we do, South Africa is going to be producing an absolutely unique cannabis strain that only we will be able to produce,” he toldMerry Jane.

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“This is the future, and we are positioning ourselves to take full advantage of the unique value of the strain and the artwork,” GGG Partner Michael Fong said in a press release.

He believes that the seeds’ exclusivity warrants their considerable price tag. Benas has previously launched endeavours in fields such as vehicle customization, home renovations, and web development, but the purchase marks a new venture into the business of bud.

A Bahamian father of two charged with the cultivation of dangerous drugs for growing pot plants in his backyard claims that the illicit weed germinated accidentally from seeds he discarded while rolling joints.

Of those cases, 36 involved serious or life-threatening events and 34 required hospitalization. In 2019, paediatricians and healthcare providers reported 51 cases of cannabis-related exposure among those under the age of 18, according to the preliminary results of a study set to tun until October 2020.

He opted for the latter, and left a free man – albeit one who will likely find a more secure way of discarding his stems and seeds from now on. Cash was given the choice of spending two months incarcerated at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Facilities, or paying an $800 fine.

McKinney in turn noted that cultivation of drugs is a serious offence under Bahamian law, which continues to prohibit cannabis (or “Indian Hemp,” as it is referred to in Bahamian drug legislation), although Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis has been taking steps to legalize the drug for medical consumption.

The YRP learned of the concern from a citizen who filed an online report last month. The citizen believed the store was selling vape products and cannabis-containing products to “groups of children who appeared to be well under the age of 19,” the YRP reports.

According to CTV News, investigators said the store was not registered to sell cannabis products. “The packaging is so shocking similar to candy there could easily be someone who ingests this as a mistake,” Constable Laura Nicolle of the YRP is quoted as saying.