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In Colorado, part-time hours are typically defined as working fewer than 40 hours per week. However, there may be variations based on company policies or indust Read more Labor and Employment Law +3 Name 3 factors that can lead to workplace hygiene problems? Asked by Wiki User Lack of proper cleaning and sanitation procedures. Poor ventilation and air quality. Insufficient access to handwashing facilities and hygiene products. Labor and Employment Law +2 What did Craig venter discover? Asked by Wiki User Craig Venter is a biologist who is known for leading the private effort to sequence the human genome in the early 2000s.

He also played a key role in creating t Read more Pregnancy +2 Does an employer have to hire both conjoined twins? Asked by Wiki User No, an employer is not required to hire both conjoined twins. Employment decisions should be based on qualifications, skills, and abilities related to the job r Read more Labor and Employment Law +1 Temperature salinity and flying slot density are factors that form? Asked by Wiki User Temperature, salinity, and density are factors that form thermohaline circulation, which drives the global ocean currents.

Temperature affects the water’s densi Read more Labor and Employment Law +2 How does the water cycle provide us with drinking water? Asked by Wiki User rgjrgergewrg