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A name for cannabis is weed or green ……….

Biden said he shared Congress’ goal of releasing as much information as possible about the origin of COVID-19. President Joe Biden on Monday signed a bill that requires declassification of information related to the origins of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, the White House said.

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Cannabis Cup was created in 1987.

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Asparagus plants need 12-18 inches to grow, the planting area should be dug to 6-12 inches deep and around 12 inches wide.

yes u can, as long as the seed is good! dark grey ones with brown speckles on them are usually a good sign

Authorities said they have arrested 20 people – nine men and 11 women, aged between 20 and 59 – in connection with a ‘complex’ drugs network which sent vacuum-packed marijuana across Spain, Switzerland, Holland, Germany and Belgium.

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“Hemp is a promising new agricultural sector in the Territory that will help to enhance the economy and provide diversification opportunities for our farmers,” NT Farmers chief executive Paul Burke said.

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I think the law is that you just can’t sell already grown plants.

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Marihuana is cannabis.

“I need you” in Japanese is “あなたが必要です” (Anata ga hitsuyō desu).

Evidence of the inhalation of cannabis smoke can be found as far back as the 3rd millennium B.C., as indicated by charred cannabis seeds found in a ritual brazier at anancient burial site in present day Romania.

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